This form allows you to choose an RPTool application and a memory size. It then configures the proper WebStart for that tool and sends it to your browser, which if it has the correct configuration should start the Java application.

Only the versions available on my web server will appear in this list. As new (stable) versions emerge, I will add them here but not every version will be added.

The file sent to your browser should be saved on your desktop. The default name will be based on the tool name, the version number, and the memory size you've selected. In the future, when you double-click the saved file you should automatically start the Java application with the same memory size. (Windows users see the notes below the form.)

Tool name: Or you can use this link to download the ZIP file (after selecting the version).
Maximum Memory size: MB
Minimum Memory size: MB
Stack size: MB

I have found out about an issue with this form for Windows users. Fortunately it's easy to fix. Keep reading...

It appears that on some Windows installations, there is no association between the .jnlp filename extension and the javaws.exe application. This means that double-clicking on a file with a .jnlp extension will not automatically start Java.

If you're a Windows user, you need to save the downloaded file to your desktop and make sure it ends with .jnlp. Then right-click and choose Open With... and navigate to the Java WebStart application. I suggest checking the Always use this application to open this type of file option so you won't have to do this step again next time.